Christian Radio Pipeline News

February 27, 2010

In 1996, CRP located a suitable site for the planned translator station. CRP's next step is to file with the FCC an application for a construction permit for an FM translator station.

In March of 1997, Tim Mitchell left the board and was replaced by Sue Moser.

In May of 1997, CRP arranged with K-LOVE to have K-LOVE prepare and file this application thus releaving CRP of considerable expense. Because of K-LOVE's many commitments, several months passed while the application was being prepared.

Unfortunately, in November of 1997, the FCC imposed a temporary freeze on applications that prevented CRP (or K-LOVE) from filing the planned application. Status reports about the freeze were posted at the FCC Audio Services Newsbox.

In August of 1998, the FCC announced new procedures for processing commercial broadcasting applications as a step towards lifting the temporary freeze on applications.

In July of 1999, the FCC's new application forms became available for use. This effectively lifted the temporary freeze on applications.

In February of 2010, K-LOVE began broadcasting in the San Francisco Bay Area on 107.3 FM.

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