Pictures of Los Gatos Translator

Here are some pictures of K-LOVE's Los Gatos translator site as it appeared while being serviced in February, 1991. This site is located on a hill in Los Gatos which is south of San Jose, CA. The components shown in these pictures are likely to be similar to those to be used in CRP's proposed San Mateo translator.

Receiving Antenna

It's a horizontally polarized log-periodic antenna pointed at KLVR, 91.9MHz, near Santa Rosa, CA.

Cavity Filters

These 3 cavity filters are connected between the receiving antenna and the translator unit's input to (1) protect against input overload due to the translator's output signal and (2) reduce adjacent-channel interference from KALW on 91.7MHz.

Translator Unit in Operation

The left meter displays received signal strength while the right meter displays output power. Because the equipment was being serviced during this shot, a headphone cable is plugged into the front panel to monitor demodulated audio.

Back of Translator Unit

The output connection is in the lower left corner and the input is in the upper right corner.

Transmitting Antenna

It's a vertically polarized log-periodic antenna pointed towards somewhere in the San Jose area. The vertically polarized 88.9MHz signal is easily received by car radios which normally use vertically polarized antennas.

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