Introduction to Christian Radio Pipeline

Wouldn't it be great to have Contemporary Christian Music played on the radio in the San Mateo area? Have you ever wondered why it hasn't happened already? Well, here is your opportunity to help make it happen.

Our organization, Christian Radio Pipeline, has been created for just that purpose. The manner in which we propose to accomplish this task may be unusual to most people; so, here is an explanation.


There are too many radio stations in this area for a new one to fit and purchasing an existing station is very expensive (In May '92, KMEL, 106.1 FM in San Francisco sold for $44 million!). However, it may be possible to operate a special kind of station called a translator.

A translator station receives a signal from a regular FM station, "translates" the signal to a new frequency, and then rebroadcasts the signal to nearby listeners. A translator is typically placed at a high location and provides a usable signal to just a few towns. (NOTE: The term "translator" in this case has nothing to do with translating between spoken languages.)

Fortunately, there is a suitable FM station just outside of the area that will consent to having its signal relayed. This station, KLVR in Santa Rosa, is the flagship station of the K-LOVE network which plays Contemporary Christian Music 24 hours per day with very short periods of talking (usually about 2 minutes).

Christian Radio Pipeline proposes to establish and maintain a translator station which will "pipe" K-LOVE's Contemporary Christian Music programming into the San Mateo area.


Contemporary Christian Music could be described as the Adult Contemporary genre but with Christian lyrics. Artists that are frequently played on K-LOVE include...

  Susan Ashton      Margaret Becker        Steve Camp        Michael Card
  Bruce Carroll     Steven Curtis Chapman  Bryan Duncan      Jon Gibson
  Amy Grant,        David Meece            Tony Melendez     Twila Paris
  Michael W. Smith  Wayne Watson           Deniece Williams  and many more...

The songs played on K-LOVE are chosen for a target audience in the 25 to 45 age group.


Here are some reasons for bringing Contemporary Christian Music to the San Mateo area.


As mentioned earlier, the cost of a translator is much less than that of a regular FM station. We expect the project to cost about $10,000. This figure includes equipment, legal fees, and other expenses necessary for licensing, purchasing, and installing the translator. In addition, once the translator is installed, a small amount of money will be needed periodically to cover rent and maintenance.

If you are interested in this project, please let us know by filling-out and sending a response form. If you would like more information, please indicate accordingly. If you would like to send a donation, feel free to do so.

Please make checks payable to:	Christian Radio Pipeline
                                1302 Cobb Street
                                San Mateo, CA  94401

Please join us in establishing a translator to bring Contemporary Christian Music to the San Mateo area.


    Dave Atherton                                   Sue Moser
    President                                       Secretary/Treasurer

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